As of Wednesday, June 16, front access to our office is now open off of 7th Street. Access to our parking lot is still available via 1st Avenue E and through the back gate. Please follow the directional visuals that have been placed and remember to reduce your speed to 10 km/hr. Please watch for information in the coming weeks regarding the next closure. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Early Learning

Program Unit Funding (PUF) is provided by Alberta Education to Grasslands Public School System for children with severe disabilities/delays who require additional support beyond that offered in regular programs.

Behaviour Services

Behaviour Services within Grasslands include consultation and professional development provided by our Consultant

Psychology Services

At times, the Student Services team deems it appropriate to complete a psychological-educational assessment to gain a better understanding of the learning needs of a student. With parent permission, this is done by either a psychologist employed by the district or a contracted professional. Schools complete referrals, and assessments are scheduled by central office. Follow up meetings take place with the school staff, parents and members of the student's learning team.

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