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Every penny you donate is put to work

With ATB Cares, it’s easy to to find the charity you love in your community. And remember, ATB Financial has put up $1...

Youth in Philanthropy

Youth in Philanthropy is a group originating from Community Foundations across Canada. Grasslands adopted this program i...

Revitalization earns national recognition

The revitalization project of the courtyard at Brooks Junior High School earned a runner-up place in Learning for a Sust...

Charles Allard Award Recipient

Congratulations to Springview Colony School on this award.  The Dr. Charles Allard Win-a-Literary Artist contest is...

Driver of the Year

Grasslands Transportation                 Making Student Safety Our Priority Grasslands 2015-2016...

Draft Policy 610 - School Closure

Policy Development - Community input required for development of School Closure Policy


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