The Valli Family Scholarship Fund

Field of Study:           Open – to include completion certificates, diplomas and degrees from certified colleges, technology institutes and universities.

Number:                     One Annual award(s) as funding will allow. 

Value:                         Award will be paid one half in the first semester and one half in the second semester.

Citizenship and Residence:

Candidate eligibility includes Canadian citizenship and residency within the boundaries of the County of Newell for five consecutive years, and who have completed high school requirements for their choice of post secondary study with a minimum average appropriate for admission to the Institution it is intended to attend

Selection of Award Winners:

Selection will be made by the Grasslands Board Scholarship Committee. 

Award Guidelines:

  1. Preference will be given to mature students who have been out of school for one or more years and have applied for attendance at a post secondary institution.
  2. In the event that there is still a portion of the net income that is not being used in any given year, it can then be used for scholarships for students who are graduating in that year and who are applying for attendance at a post secondary education institution.
  3. The guidelines to be followed in granting of the annual award (s) will be a follows:
    • Preference will be given to mature students on the basis of need and a written application for financial assistance, which application to include information re: any personal difficulties overcome and how furthering the applicant’s education will improve their quality of life.
    • Single mothers with good academic potential should be given special consideration.
    • Personal characteristics to be considered include work history and evidence of self-help, initiative, integrity and commitment to complete their education.
    • The likelihood of success in completing a two to four year post secondary educational program.
    • Academic performance in high school courses should be considered not on an elitist basis, but only as an indication of overall capability for future scholastic potential.  In interpreting previous high school academic performance, consideration should be given to concurrent jobs, financial need and family support.
    • This award is renewable for a further three years provided the student exceeds or equals the average for admittance to the institution attended. A copy of final grade marks should accompany the application for renewal.
    • In the event that no applications are received from persons described in subclause (a), the criteria should be based on scholastic ability and personal characteristics as described for mature students.

Deadline:         June 25, 2021 – Please submit a letter and/or documents pertaining to the criteria.

Send applications to:                          Sean Beaton

                                                            “Valli Family Scholarship Fund”

                                                            745 2nd Ave. E.

                                                            Brooks, AB  T1R 1L2