Grasslands 6 to 7 - Workplace Wellness

event Published 2022-03-04T17:08:38.000Z

Grasslands 6 to 7 - Workplace Wellness


Supporting student, family and staff wellness…

Wellness is a priority in Grasslands Public Schools. Across our school division we are taking a healthier approach to the increasing demands of emails and texts.  Grasslands 6 to 7 is about honouring the personal time of parents, families, students and staff. 

All Grasslands staff are encouraged to send work-related and non-emergency emails and texts between the hours of 6 am and 7 pm on weekdays and not at all on weekends.  Our hope is that a healthy work/life balance ensures rest, exercise, time with family and friends, community volunteering, and personal interests become the priority for our families and staff.

In fact, experts agree that taking time to disconnect from electronic devices, social media, and work-related emails and texts does improve productivity by lowering stress and allowing our minds and bodies to get the rest we need.

We recognize that after school or evenings are often the best time for teachers and parents to reach one another, and we know that in many cases teachers will continue to phone parents as they have done in the past. Grasslands 6 to 7 relates only to email and texts. Our teachers and staff may continue to work in the evenings, if required, but in most cases they will be sending and responding to emails and texts only before 7:00 pm. We are asking parents to support a next school-day response to non-emergency emails and texts.

Grasslands 6 to 7 is an important part of our overall workplace wellness strategy.  We care about our students, families and staff and we are hopeful that this focus will reduce the unhealthy habit of everyone being connected to electronic devices 24/7. 

Talk to your school’s principal to learn more about this Grasslands 6 to 7 workplace wellness approach.