Draft K-6 Curriculum Pilot - May 10th


The Grasslands School Division Board of Trustees, in consultation with Senior Administration, decided at the May 10th board meeting not to participate in the voluntary piloting of the draft kindergarten to grade 6 curriculum in September 2021.

Board Chair Jody Trembecki stated, “We have taken our time collecting additional information on the piloting process as well as gathering feedback from our senior administration, teacher working groups, and parents.”  Following the release of the draft curriculum, Grasslands administration established teacher working groups to review curriculum outcomes/content, age-appropriateness, and the scope and sequence for all subject areas and grade levels in the draft. 

Trembecki added, “At this time, the Board has decided to prioritize and focus on the new school year and how we can best support our students and staff as the division comes out of the pandemic.  Working through this pandemic for the past 13 months has placed an incredible amount of stress on our school system; our students have had many disruptions to their learning.  With the timing of the pilot, a variety of concerns about the draft curriculum, and uncertainty surrounding the availability of teacher resources, we have to consider what is in the best interests of our students and staff.”

Superintendent Scott Brandt added, “Although Grasslands will not pilot the curriculum in classrooms, student learning is always a top priority as is ensuring students have a robust and relevant curriculum for years to come.” Brandt stated, “This work will continue into the future as Grasslands has a vested interest in providing constructive feedback and meaningful input to the ministry.”

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