Our Division

Grasslands Public Schools covers an area of over 2 500 square miles in southeastern Alberta. Brooks, at its center, is approximately 180 km southeast of Calgary and 110 km northwest of Medicine Hat, on Highway #1. Lethbridge is 160 km southwest of Highways #36 and #3.

Student Learning

Everything we do in Grasslands supports student learning and achievement. Success for all students starts with exemplary classroom teachers and support staff who are supported in their professional growth in order to meet each student’s unique needs. Grasslands strives for 100% high school completion.

School + Community Relationships

Relationships are at the core of our division. In order for students to be successful, relationships at all levels must be fostered, nurtured and valued.

Inclusive + Healthy Environments

Grasslands strives to create welcoming, caring and respectful learning environments that foster a sense of belonging for all students, staff and community members. In order for this to occur, the social and emotional well-being and the physical safety of people must be thoughtfully and purposefully addressed.