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Online Bus Pass Application Form - BROOKS Residents only

Online Bus Pass Application Form - BROOKS Residents only


Brooks Residence Bus Pass Applications are now available online! Please note, that due to the current situation Grasslands bus routes have been revamped.  Under the Education Act, we are obligated to provide busing to students residing over 2.4km from their designated school and these students must be accommodated first. 

Parents should note that due to the current pandemic, there may be times when a driver is ill and the bus route cannot run.  Transportation routes may be cancelled on short notice due to driver/staff sickness.  Parents should ensure that they have a backup plan for transporting their children to school should this occur.  We will endeavor to keep parents updated but strongly encourage you to monitor the bus route status daily on the Grasslands website



  • Students from the same household will be seated together where possible
  • Students will have assigned seating and the seating plan will be based on the order of pickup in the mornings (First pickups seated at the rear of the bus and continue forward regardless of age) where possible.
  • Seating plans will be MANDATORY and strictly enforced by all drivers in order to facilitate contact tracing should there be a student that contracts COVID-19.
  • If possible, the seat behind the driver will be kept empty.
  • NO GUEST RIDERS will be permitted on any Grasslands bus at this time.  Only registered riders will be allowed to board the bus.


  • The COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire supplied by each school should be reviewed each day by all students prior to entering the bus.  Students should not enter the bus if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.  Be sure that the self-screening tool has been used each day prior to leaving for the school bus.
  • Students in grades 4-12 are required to wear face masks on the bus.  Bus drivers will have a very limited number of disposable face masks to be used in emergency situations.
  • If a child becomes symptomatic during the bus trip, the driver, in coordination with Transportation Services dispatch, will make the appropriate arrangements for the student.   Where passible, the driver will try to isolate the child to avoid contact with other students.   The bus driver will contact dispatch, who will contact the school administration to let them know.  The school administration will then contact parents for pickup at the school.