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Parent Survey for School Re-Entry

Parent Survey for School Re-Entry

 ...Parent Survey for School Re-Entry.

Re-Entry Planning for the 2020-21 School Year

Last week, the Minister of Education shared updated information on the province’s school re-entry plan for the 2020-21 school year. To review the Minister’s re-entry plan media information, click: Alberta
Education School Re-Entry Plan

Three possible return to school options still exist:

1. Normal school operations are able to resume with health restrictions to ensure safety;
2. Schools are partially reopened, with increased levels of health restrictions; and
3. Teacher-directed at-home learning continues.

We are all hoping for option one, but must plan for all three possible options. Our work started in May and will continue going forward into the months of July and August. Our team has been working
closely with our Facilities Department, Transportation Department, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator, and school administrators. This work includes:

● Installation of plexiglass barriers;
● Procurement and installation of additional hand sanitizing stations;
● Bus safety measures and procedures;
● Bus capacity tracking and routing implications;
● Floor and ground decals for directional signage and physical distancing;
● Installation of touchless paper towel dispensers;
● Playground signage;
● Classroom mapping for physical distancing of student seating; and
● Now reviewing the 2020-21 School Re-entry Plan released last week to ensure we are
considering all required measures.

It is too early for all of the details as every school is different and requires some of its own unique solutions. We also recognize that learning and teaching will need to continue to be flexible as we may
move between the three options as the COVID-19 situation changes. Grasslands will continue to work hard to ensure our students receive high quality instruction and learning opportunities in whatever
direction we receive from the Minister by August 1st. We will ensure the parameters expected by Alberta Education are in place and the safety of your children and our staff are our top priority when
they return to our schools. 

To support us in our planning for next school year, we are asking parents to complete a brief survey.

Your feedback is important to us. The link for the survey is Parent Survey - School Re-entry