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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist: Ethne

Ethne is a grade 10 student at BCHS. She was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Lalonde, because, “she demonstrates a high level of focus and dedication to her artistic practice. She is constantly pushing herself outside her comfort zone in order to develop her abilities, and seeking out opportunities outside of school to compete and enhance her skills.”

Ethne enjoys experimenting with many mediums, such as oil paints, acrylics and graphite. Her portfolio consists of many beautiful works that range from scenic landscapes to highly detailed pencil portraits. The portrait sketches stand out due to the high level of realism she is able to capture through her close attention to detail and skilled handling of the medium. As an artist, Ethne is always learning new techniques to enhance her skills, and is currently working on mastering the use of blending tools in her graphite work. 

Her love of art first began when she was in Kindergarten and led her to pursue art classes outside of school in grades 4 - 8. Largely self-motivated, Ethne finds her inspiration comes from her emotions and observations. She loves to experiment with colors to create rich, realistic images, and finds it rewarding to see her skills develop over time.​​​​​​​

Ethne’s future plans include continuing with art as a hobby, as well as pursuing an education in the medical field, possibly as an optometrist or dermatologist.

Artist’s Quote: “Don’t paint what you expect to see, paint how you see it. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you get started; don’t get discouraged or compare yourself to others.”


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