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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Isabelle Freimark


Isabelle is a grade 3 student at Eastbrook Elementary School who possesses a natural proclivity for art . She was nominated by Mrs. Burchell because, she is a very creative and artistic young lady.  She is always thinking of her next project, big or small, and loves to work with many different mediums.  You can often find her quietly working on a new creation in her spare time.  Thankfully, Isabelle is also very kind and generous with her talent and loves to gift her beautiful artwork to make the world a more beautiful place!”


Her preferred medium is watercolor paint, as it is very versatile and allows her to easily create a variety of shades of color. Watercolors expand on the page and have a lot of creative potential.  Izzy also enjoys experimenting with other media such as: acrylic paint, oil & chalk pastel, and pencil crayon. Her body of art is composed of many colorful pieces in a variety of mediums, and feature various animal and nature themes.  

Izzy has been encouraged to explore her artistic talents by family, friends and teachers. Her grandmother has also been a huge source of inspiration for her, with her beautifully painted cards and bookmarks. Isabelle occasionally attends art classes at Red Roof Studio where she is able to experiment with new techniques and learn from fellow artists. Creating art makes her feel happy and relaxed. 

When she isn’t busy creating, you can find Isabelle skating at the arena.  She plans to continue her pursuit of fine arts in the future. 

Artist’s Quote: “It doesn’t matter what it looks like; it’s just about having fun!"

Check out a selection of Isabelle's work here: Grasslands Featured Artist