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Coding Criteria and Procedures

Student Coding and Support Funding

In the event that a student moves into the district and was previously coded in another district, an Application for New Coding form must be completed.

This form must also be completed if a student's coding changes.

Rubric for Student Success

The Rubric for Student Success is intended as a supporting document for identifying and reporting supports and services needed  to assist a student in successfully accessing programming in the school environment.  Forms are completed in the spring for returning students with Alberta Education code 40s as well as other students continuing to require additional funding supports.  A list of students approved for September is sent to schools for verification/confirmation of attendance and needs at the end of the first week of school.  This list is returned to Central Office by September 15th confirming that the students are in attendance.  If new students move to the district and require additional services, a rubric, along with supporting documentation, must be submitted to Central Office by September 23rd for consideration for term one funding.  Rubric forms can be found on the shared drive.

The Rubric will also be used during the year to apply for term 2 tiered funding for students new to the district or newly identified students.  The forms may be submitted on an on-going basis and will be reviewed in January for term 2 funding.