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Featured Student Artists


Grasslands Public School Division is proud of it's many talented young artists.

In an effort to highlight some of their achievements, we will be recognizing one individual each month who possess exceptional artistic abilities and attitude.


May 2018

Featured Artist: Brittany

Brittany is a grade 12 student at Bassano School. She was nominated by her art teacher, Mrs. Follis, because “of her sophistication in her artwork. Her art is edgy and bold, and the texture that she incorporates into her pieces is fascinating to experience.”

Her portfolio consists of a variety of pieces, showcasing many acrylic and watercolor paintings, multimedia compositions, and masterful pencil sketches.  She enjoys creating silhouettes and scenery, such as the hills and sun. Much of Brittany’s art conveys a deeper message regarding relevant societal issues, while other pieces beautifully display her rich cultural heritage.  Brittany possesses a natural aptitude for art and radiates a calm, creative energy.

Art is the one class Brittany looks forward to in school everyday.  She finds the creation process to be calming and compares it to becoming “lost in a good book.”

Her future plans include continuing to pursue art as a hobby, and getting an education in the field of psychology to become a youth counselor.


Artist’s Quote: “Art can be anything. Art is not perfect.”


Here are a few original artworks by Brittany:










May 2018

Featured Artist: Maia


Maia is a grade 2 student at Uplands Elementary School.  She was nominated by Mrs. Buteau because of her enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and creativity.  Her natural talent makes her an easy source of inspiration to those around her, both in school and at Red Roof Studio.

Maia has an impressive body of work that ranges from clay sculptures to vibrant acrylic paintings.  She isn’t afraid to try new things, and has found success using a variety of mediums. Her work is quite distinctive due to the bright, vivid color palette she uses that radiates youthful exuberance.  

Maia finds the creation process calming and enjoyable.  Much of her inspiration comes from nature. She boasts a well-developed sense of color and shape.  Although quite self-motivated, she has been encouraged to explore her artistic abilities by teachers and family members. Maia plans to continue pursuing art in the future!

Artist’s Quote: “Keep on trying to make it nice. Don’t give up.”


Here are a few original artworks by Maia:







April 2018

Featured Artist: Londyn

Londyn is a grade 3 student at Griffin Park School. She was nominated by Mrs. Decker and Mrs. Olson because, “she seems to have a natural inspiration that comes from within when she is creating art. She is not afraid to experiment with different media and express her individuality through unique compositions. She is a quiet young lady, but her art expresses volumes about her vivid imagination. The best part is seeing Londyn smiling with pride when sharing her work.”

Londyn likes to experiment with multiple mediums, and finds inspiration from nature.  Her collection of artwork is quite varied, ranging from stunning pencil drawings to unique mixed-media compositions.  Many of her ideas are original, coming from her imagination. Once she has an image in her mind, she starts creating. The finished product illustrates her highly developed sense of color and composition.

Although largely self-motivated, Londyn has been encouraged to explore her artistic talents by family and teachers. She finds the creation process to be fun, and it makes her happy to see her accomplishments.

Artist’s Quote: “No matter what, it will always be pretty.”


Here are a few original artworks by Londyn:





April 2018

Featured Artist: Sam

Sam is a grade 11 student from BCHS.  She was nominated by Ms. Murphy because, “she is a clever, kind, and talented young artist, who is wise beyond her years and passionate about her artistic endeavors.”

Sam is a self-taught artist.  In 7th grade, when she was bored, she began sketching and designing.  Her first memorable piece was a drawing of rose tattoo. Her inspiration comes from life experiences and close friends. Her art teacher, Mrs. Carmichael, has also been a positive influence by providing her with direction and constructive feedback.

Sam is best known for her unique and thought-provoking acrylic paintings that feature people with symbolic images in place of facial features. She draws inspiration from Surrealist artwork which features unnatural juxtapositions and combinations of objects that produce dream-like images. When working in class, Sam freely becomes a source of inspiration for those around her.

Art helps Sam to relax and destress, as well as acts as an outlet to express herself artistically.   She plans to continue to pursue art as a hobby in the future, on her way to becoming a medical examiner.

Artist’s Quote: “Don’t copy others, branch out, experiment and find your own unique style.”

Here are a few original artworks by Sam:



March 2018

Featured Artists: 

Sophie & Rylee


Best friends and artists, Sophie and Rylee, are grade 5 students at Uplands Elementary School. Both girls possess the passion, patience, and perseverance it takes to be an artist.  They were nominated by their teacher, Miss Van Herk, because, “they both have a love for art that resonates with anyone who observes their work. Both girls go above and beyond when completing works of art. The girls have the creativity ability to use their imagination to create masterpieces.”  

Sophie loves to sketch, and to paint brilliant sunsets with watercolors, whereas Rylee prefers using acrylic paints to create stunning silhouettes. The girls enjoy experimenting with different mediums as well, such as oil and chalk pastels.

Their artistic endeavours are strongly encouraged by family, friends and teachers. They are also fortunate enough to each have a close family member who acts as their artistic muse. Sophie’s Auntie acts as her role model, and Rylee looks to her older sister for inspiration.

The girls find the creation process to be relaxing and love being able to display their finished product for others to enjoy.


Artists’ Quote:

“Practice and have fun!” - Rylee

“Do it if you enjoy it!” - Sophie


Here are a few original artworks by Rylee:

Here are a few original artworks by Sophie:



February 2018

Featured Artist: Isabelle


Isabelle is a grade 3 student at Eastbrook Elementary School who possess a natural proclivity for art . She was nominated by Mrs. Burchell because, she is a very creative and artistic young lady.  She is always thinking of her next project, big or small, and loves to work with many different mediums.  You can often find her quietly working on a new creation in her spare time.  Thankfully, Isabelle is also very kind and generous with her talent and loves to gift her beautiful artwork to make the world a more beautiful place!”


Her preferred medium is watercolor paint, as it is very versatile and allows her to easily create a variety of shades of color. Watercolors expand on the page and have a lot of creative potential.  Izzy also enjoys experimenting with other media such as: acrylic paint, oil & chalk pastel, and pencil crayon. Her body of art is composed of many colorful pieces in a variety of mediums, and feature various animal and nature themes.  

Izzy has been encouraged to explore her artistic talents by family, friends and teachers. Her grandmother has also been a huge source of inspiration for her, with her beautifully painted cards and bookmarks. Isabelle occasionally attends art classes at Red Roof Studio where she is able to experiment with new techniques and learn from fellow artists. Creating art makes her feel happy and relaxed.


When she isn’t busy creating, you can find Isabelle skating at the arena. She plans to continue her pursuit of fine arts in the future.


Artist's Quote: "It doesn't matter what it looks like; it's just about having fun."


Here are a few original artworks by Isabelle:




November 2017

Featured Artist: Kalina

Kalina is a grade 11 student from Duchess School. She was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Wardrop, because of her talent as an artist and her dedication to art as a discipline. 

"Through her work she has developed into a creative and versatile artist, tackling a variety of media and taking purposeful risks in her projects that reflect a deep and thoughtful style. Kalina is dedicated to her Art, and her growth as an artist. She is often the first person in class and the last to leave, often using her flex time as an additional studio block. She takes great steps to continue her development as an artist and push herself towards perfection; all while having fun and inspiring others. When students walk by the art room, it is usually Kalina's projects that make them stop and double take." 

Although largely self-motivated, Kalina has also been fortunate to have avid support from both her family and teachers. Her body of work is mainly composed of crisp, precise pencil sketches and cartoons. Creating is an expressive way for her to release stress and calm her mind. 

After graduation, Kalina plans to attend a post-secondary art program, and has even considered working as a professional tattoo artist. She is hoping to refine her skills and learn new techniques that push her out of her comfort zone as she continues her journey as an artist.  

Artist's Quote: "Express your emotions."


Here are a few original artworks by Kalina:



October 2017

Featured Artist: Martha


Martha Wiebe is a grade 9 student at Rolling Hills School. She was nominated by two of her teachers, Mrs. Short and Mr. O’Looney, because she exhibits a passion for art and creates amazing work.  She is a source of artistic inspiration to those around her.  


Martha discovered her interest in art when she was in elementary.  She began sketching with pencil, and in the last 3 years, has found her passion and talent for digital art, specifically character design.  Using a stylus, she is able to design flawless original characters on the computer. This process takes many steps.  She begins by creating a rough sketch, then filling it in, layer by layer, with thin lines, colors, etc.  Creating digital art is a way for Martha to bring her ideas and images to life for others to enjoy.


Her  inspiration comes from YouTube artists Emala Jiss and Mdazzle, and has a very anime feel to it.  For now, digital art is a hobby for Martha, although you can purchase one of her designs on teepublic.  She has plans to explore cartoon creation in the near future, and is hoping to take classes to help refine her skills and expand her career potential.  


Artist’s Quote: “Don’t be afraid to use references and inspiration from other artists.”

Here are a few original artworks by Martha:



September 2017

Featured Artist: Shannon

Shannon is a talented grade 10 student from the Brooks Composite High School.  She was nominated by her Art teacher, Ms. Lalonde, because of her natural aptitude for art. “Shannon works hard and isn't afraid to experiment and try new methods of art making. She is also very passionate for art, comes to class with a great positive attitude, and is always highly motivated to work. I am having to come up with other assignments to keep her busy.”

Her growing portfolio consists mainly of skillfully drawn pencil sketches. Shannon’s style is very realistic thanks to her competent shading techniques.  Although her artistic endeavors have been largely self-motivated, she also receives positive encouragement from family. Much of her inspiration comes from tattoo designs, styles and artwork.  Sketching is a relaxing, therapeutic hobby for Shannon, and she plans to continue pursuing fine arts in school.


Artist’s Quote: “Express yourself as an artist. Do YOU.”


Here are a few original artworks by Shannon:


2016-2017 Featured Artists

May 2017

Featured Artist: Parker

Parker is a grade 5 student at Uplands Elementary School who possesses a natural talent for artistic composition.  He was nominated by his teacher, Miss Van Herk, because “he is the perfect example of a creative artist who is always up for a challenge. Parker began his grade 5 year believing he was the worst artist in the class. Throughout the year he realized that many of his classmates were envious of his creations. He shows dedication to his art work and always takes his time.” 

Parker most enjoys creating abstract designs.  Pencil crayons are his preferred tool; however he enjoys experimenting with different mediums as well. He has been encouraged to explore his artistic talents by his family, friends and teachers. His grandmother has also been a huge source of inspiration with her expertly painted landscapes.  Parker finds the creation process to be relaxing and helps calm his mind.His advice to fellow artists would be to color or paint in the same direction.

When Parker isn’t busy designing, you can find him playing hockey and lacrosse.  He plans to continue his pursuit of fine arts in school.

Artist’s Quote: “Anyone can be a good artist if you try.”

Here are a few original artworks by Parker:

                                                                           Halloween Contest Winner!



April 2017

Featured Artist: Jesse

Jesse is a talented grade 12 student from the Brooks Composite High School. She was nominated because of her passion for art and her exceptional body of work.  Jesse has a high level of patience for the creation process, happily spending hours perfecting a piece. In the classroom, she is a source of inspiration for those around her.

Her amazing portfolio consists of expertly drawn portraits and adept pencil sketches. Jesse’s style is very realistic thanks to her skilled shading techniques.  Portraits and figure drawings are her favorite subject matter. Her artistic endeavors have been largely self-motivated, and not just limited to the fine arts. Jesse also has interest in video production and editing, and has even done some free-lance work. She enjoys art because each piece of finished artwork is an accomplishment you can keep, a symbol of a challenge that was overcome. She has been accepted into the Media Arts program at the Alberta College of Art and Design and will begin classes in the fall. 

Artist’s Quote: “Even the best artist has room for improvement.”

Here are a few original artworks by Jesse:


March 2017

Featured Artist: Feodore

Feodore is a grade 5 student at Griffin Park School who possesses a well-developed sense of line, contour and shading. He was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Geisbrecht, “because of his talent, genuine interest, and dedication to improving his artistic skills.”  His preferred medium is pencil, and most of his sketches are enhanced using shading to add value.  Feodore is a largely self-motivated and self-taught artist, but has been encouraged by close friends and family members. Much of his inspiration comes from Disney’s “Dinosaur” movie, as well as reference pictures found online.  Feodore finds sketching to be a fun and relaxing way to unwind and be creative.  When he is not busy with school or drawing, you can find Feodore practicing Tae Kwon Do.

Artist’s Quote: “Always start with simple shapes and lines. Add detail as you go.”


Here are a few original artworks by Feodore:




February 2017

Featured Artist: Sebastien

Sebastien is a talented grade 3 student from Griffin Park School.  He was nominated by his teacher, Mr. Westers, for his creativity and outstanding ability to vividly display what he sees in his imagination.

At the age of only 9, Sebastien boasts a highly developed sense of perspective and has a natural ability to sketch things with strong attention to detail.   He enjoys drawing architecture, landscapes, and people. Many pieces of his artwork display special consideration to the organization of elements, usually based on size.  He also incorporates numbers into many of his sketches. Sebastien draws much of his inspiration from factual books, places he has visited, and YouTube. He has a very bright future in fine arts ahead of him.


Here are a few original artworks by Sebastien:






January 2017

Featured Artist: Erin

Erin is a grade 12 student from Duchess School.  She was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Wardrop.

“Her talent and her attitude towards art as a discipline should be celebrated. She approaches projects with an open mind and an excitement to create. She reflects on and draws from her vast catalogue of works to select techniques and develop her skills. She takes risks and can adapt quickly while working within the creative process. One of the greatest traits Erin has is a deep humility about her talent. She will be the first to point out flaws in her artwork and talk through how she could improve them in the future. Erin is everything you could hope to see in an artist: a student, a teacher and a passionate enthusiast.”

Erin has an amazing portfolio of work, consisting of stunning acrylic paintings and skilled pencil sketches.  Her style is somewhat cartoon-like, and she enjoys drawing people.  Her artistic endeavors have been largely self-motivated, but also influenced and encouraged by her teachers Mrs. Owen and Mr. Wardrop from Duchess, as well as Rita Wildschut from Red Roof Studio.  Creating art is a way for Erin to calm her mind, while at the same time reminding her of the importance of patience, perseverance, and pride.

After graduation, she will be entering the New Media program at the University of Lethbridge where she will continue her pursuit of fine arts.

Artist’s Quote: “Always have patience; start somewhere and build off it.  Paint what you enjoy, not what others want.”


Here are a few original artworks by Erin:




December 2016

Featured Artist: Nicholas

Nicholas is an Art 30 student from the Brooks Composite High School.  Nick was nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Carmichael, because of his exceptional artistic talent. He has been working hard to build a strong portfolio, and is a positive role model to those around him. Nick's mastery of line and shading techniques using HB and 6B pencil have developed over years of practice. He draws inspiration from Japanese artist, Yoji Shinkawa, who creates original, technically accurate ink illustrations.

After a successful interview, Nick will be submitting his portfolio and applying to the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) for 2017.  He intends to pursue a career in either character or concept design, with interest in becoming a graphic novel illustrator. You can check out a selection of Nick’s work in the Griffin Park Lobby Gallery beginning Jan. 16, 2017.

Artist’s Quote: “Always finish the work. You may not think it’s good when you start, but don’t give up until it’s complete. You might be amazed with the finished product.”


Here are a few original artworks by Nick:


November 2016

Featured Artist: Deirdre

Deirdre is a grade 10 student from Duchess School who was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Wardrop.

“I nominated Deirdre because of her passion for art and her dedication to improve herself when it comes to creating art. Deirdre has a great amount of skill for her young age, but also has a high level of patience for the creation process; which is something that I feel you can't teach. Even if she has limited experience with a medium, she is always determined to put her best work forward and will critically engage with her projects to produce unique and thoughtful compositions. For artists, great art comes from sources of inspiration. I find that when Deirdre is working in our class she effortlessly becomes that source for those around her.”

Deirdre gets her inspiration from real life, and enjoys creating cartoons and portraits.  She began taking formal art classes in grade 7 and fell in love.  Art helps calm and clear her mind, as well as acts as an outlet to express herself artistically. She hopes to one day get her artwork out there for others to enjoy.  A selection of Deirdre’s artwork is currently available for viewing at the Grasslands Student Art Gallery in the Griffin Park Lobby Gallery.

Artist’s Quote: “Never erase your work because it could turn into something great.”


Here are a few original artworks by Deirdre: