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2017 Art Contest Winners

Here are the winners in each category! Congratulations!


Fan Favorites:

  • These art pieces had the HIGHEST number of votes across ALL of the categories. Congratulations!

Claire R.,Uplands - "Owl at Night" Acrylic on canvas.

Nancy U., BCHS - "Untitled" Acrylic on canvas.


Ethne H., BJHS, - "Untitled" Acrylic on wood. 


Brooke P., Uplands - "Zentangle" Sharpie on paper. 


Category 1: K-3

Brooklin F., Rolling Hills - "Flower" Pastel. 

Megan P., Uplands - "Bird Houses" Pencil.


Category 2: 4-6

Konnor M., Rolling Hills - Photography.

Cruz D., Uplands - Acrylic on wood.


Category 3: 7-9

Adrienne W., BJHS - Acrylic on canvas.

Kathi L., Alcoma - Pencil crayon. 


Category 4: 10-12

Emma G., BCHS - Acrylic on canvas.

Nya J., BCHS, "CD's" - Pencil crayon.


Category 5: Lost but Not Forgotten

Megan G., Alcoma - Alcohol ink resistance.

Erika H., Rosemary - Photography.